Frequently Asked Questions

Inner volumes - when should they be used

For Apache simulation thermal and energy analysis, it is not necessary to use inner volumes, as this will reduce the floor area and room air volumes based on the assigned constructions. Therefore, it will make your simulation more accurate in terms of the loads calculation. Although overall modelling assumptions made concerning thermal template and system inputs, it will not make a significant difference. Aspects such as thermal mass of the fabric are still calculated and represented by the assigned constructions regardless of the presence of inner volumes.

It is recommended that for Daylighting analyse using Flucs or Radiance that inner volumes be used.

It can affect how you choose to model, so a decision should be made early as to if inner volumes are to be used. It will add to the complexity of the model, hence the simulation run time.

How to set up custom or to change Revit MEP keyboard shortcuts

To set up custom Revit shortcuts, navigate to the File Menu > Options > User Interface. From this window, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize button. In the Keyboard Shortcuts window, you can search for a command or tool by typing the name into the Search text box.

How to delete unwanted simulation files from VistaPro results in IES-VE

How to delete unwanted simulation files from Vista results.pdf