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Intergrated Environmental Software - Virtual Environment

IES - VE is an integrated suite for accurate whole building performance simulation.

IES - VE is used by sustainable design experts worldwide.

IES - VE is a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity.

IES - VE is for architects, engineers and contractors, the platform allows cross-team collaboration from concept design to operation.

IES - VE integrates Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process.

Model IT

ModelIT enables you to build a 3D analysis model with or without CAD data.

It is the principle modelling tool within the Virtual Environment.

Any information stored can be easily shared and manipulated within any VE application.


The Component Modeller is a model building element in the VE. It allows the user to create a library of components which can then be placed within the model.

Components which are geometrical entities, can be used to model items such as desks, chairs, etc.

Components can then be placed in the model by ModelIT.


Suncast calculates the position of the sun in the sky, it tracks the solar penetration throughout the building interior in addition to calculating shadows.


Radiance is a detailed 3D simulation tool designed to predict daylight in an interior space and the appearance of internal spaces at design stage of a building project.

The Radiance application uses sophisticated ray-tracing techniques to produce a physicially accurate representation of light distribution within a space.

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